FOSS Quiz!


What is Linus Torvalds' native language?

Even thought Linus Torvalds is Finnish, his native language is Swedish.

Who according to Linus Torvalds, "really is about a thousand gnomes working in [an] under-ground caves in Swansea"?

It's Alan Cox.

What does M in RMS stand for?

RMS refers to Richard Stallman, and M stands for his middle name which is Matthew.

UFS' magic number is based on the date 1954-01-19. Who was born on that day to justify the use as a magic number for that file system?

Marshall Kirk McKusick was born that day.

Who is FSF Associate Member number 1?

Bradley M. Kuhn is the first FSF Associate Member.

Names, logos and mascots

What was the original name Linus wanted to use for his kernel?

Freax, but mirror maintainer where it has been first distributed decided that Linux is better.

Which operating system's mascot is a pufferfish named Puffy.


Puffy is OpenBSD's mascot.

Which distribution is the oldest Linux distribution still being maintained?

Tux smoking a pipe

The oldest still distribution still being maintained is Slackware.

What are the names of two followup BSD 4.3 released which were named after popular American holiday destinations?

Two followup BSD 4.3 releases are Tahoe and Reno.

Who drew in 1984 BSD 4.2 mascot called Beastie and is now a chief creative officer at Pixar?


Even though McKussick holds the copyright it's John Alan Lasseter who drew it.


Which licenses third version was released on 29 of June 2007?

GNU General Public License.

What is the license Android kernel is released under?

Even though a lot of Android uses more permissive license, the kernel is based on Linux and thus distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

Name license which has a politically incorrect name and is one of the shortest free software licenses whose legal text consists of only one sentence.

Do What The Fuck you want to Public License.

Which international organisation, whose primary focus is advance in physics, has released a license used by most projects in the Open Hardware Repository?


What are the differences between plain GNU General Public License and Affero General Public License?

AGPL includes a clause requiring source code distribution of software run as a service (eg. web applications).


When did the initial release of Linux happen? Give month and year.

The initial Linux release happened on September 1991.

Which year Linus Torvalds was born.

Linus Torvalds was born on the year of Moon landing, 1969.

What is the name of a 16-bit microcomputer which was the first architecture BSD system run on.


What's the Linux-based machine which competed in 2011 on Jeopardy against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings winning the first prize of $1 million.

Watson's avatar

It's IBM's Watson.

Lack of access to the source code of the software controlling which printer convinced Richard Stallman of importance of people's freedom to study, modify and use software?

Xerox 9700.